We like to keep abreast of the constantly updating world of technology when it comes to building security systems, and the Swedes are once again ahead of the game here. Swedish behemoth Securitas has joined forces with a lighting manufacturer to develop and test light bulbs that detect motion and operate intelligently, but which can also detect intruders.

As a biotech park, Medicon Village is giving rise to new ideas in life sciences, under the watchful eye of lighting-based IoT

Automatic lighting is becoming big business, with companies keen to save on electricity bills and do their bit towards helping the environment by directing energy usage where it’s required. Securitas have developed an internet chip that can be used on the existing automated light bulb sensors to alert security control staff to intruders.

This combination of technology is being tested in Sweden at the moment, and the added bonus of this technology is that it can be used to pick up heat notifications of individuals not evacuated in a fire alarm practice or a real emergency. It can also be safely installed in areas where traditional cameras are not permitted, such as toilets and changing rooms, because it doesn’t transmit facial pictures and relies on body heat profiles.

This could potentially be a huge leap in building security and we’ll be keeping a close eye on the updates and potential roll out of this technology once the current trials are completed.