Summer might be around the corner, but that doesn’t mean the criminals are taking a relaxing holiday. Portsmouth News have reported a conman in the Southsea area who is targeting local residents by pretending to have lost his keys. The man, who was caught on home CCTV on one occasion, approaches homeowners and says he’s just moved into the area and is locked out of his new property. He then asks for money for a taxi to Farlington to pick up his spare key, promising to return in 40 minutes with the cash. Needless to say, he doesn’t reappear. The man has targeted several properties with his sob story, but luckily he is now making it as a film star. We’re sure Hampshire Police are only too happy he stood so close to the CCTV camera.

The conman pictured outside Mr Harvey’s home, alongside his neighbour, before scamming them out of 25.Picture:

Business CCTV caught a Yodel driver throwing parcels marked as fragile over a gate in Alton, Hampshire in May. Despite the gate being 8 feet high, and the packages weighing 16kg each, the driver persisted in his endeavours to deliver the parcels to the business, even moving his van forward at one point so he could stand on the bonnet to launch the second parcel. Here’s hoping the business in question negotiated a discount with Yodel on future deliveries. Business CCTV 1, Unscrupulous Delivery Drivers 0.

Police are treating a fire in Cadnam at a van repair business on 12th May as arson. The blaze at Vansco was in close proximity to a petrol station, homes and horse stables, so the consequences could have been devastating. The owner of the repair business, Simon Reeves, is offering a £10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the arsonists, while police are checking CCTV cameras in the hope of identifying the perpetrators. Fortunately no one was hurt, and that could be down to the heroic actions of two of the business’s employees, who moved three vehicles in the yard to create a fire break.

And finally, as we head into warmer weather with glorious sunshine (well, you’ve got to hope), some barbecue safety advice: Don’t light barbecues with butane gas. Good Housekeeping offer a handy guide to safely lighting barbecues, including how to spot sustainable charcoal not from subtropical rainforests. The National Fire Chief’s Council also offer advice for barbecue and other outdoor fire safety measures, including camp fires and cooking onboard boats. Heavy use of alcohol is not suggested for those responsible for the flames, so it might be an idea to hold fire on the Pimms until the barbecue is well and truly out.